michelle nunes

Simultaneously everything and nothing


My work examines the parallactic nature of time and space. Through acts of derivation and repetition, I turn everyday materials into uncanny installations, photographs, and videos. Works uproot contexts, shifting between materiality and the mythologies created from human intervention. Disintegration and integration are important to process and content because these actions mirror strategies used by the body to know the world and used by the world itself. A variety of entry points and through-lines exist in the works, creating a never-ending consumption of space, light, and time.

For the installation parallax (2017), a projected non-narrative short film reappears as abstracted objects within the installation to create an assemblage of body and environment. Water becomes a blue hue enveloping the space; wind is interwoven with heartbeats; a small fan enmeshes sound and sight; a ladder and broom expand the installation to contexts that precede it. Parallax and other works function like nesting dolls, alluding to realities contained within and around the body.