michelle nunes

Simultaneously everything and nothing


Elimination of the self through quantity and repetition of material or disrupting the viewer’s body with what’s being presented, most obviously through scale, are ways to eliminate single point perspective and uproot identity. Interrupting reality by presenting common materials in uncanny ways, challenges the mind and body’s expectations of truth.

Similar to James Turrell's desire to create a thoughtless experience, I want to evoke relational fluidity by engaging light, space, and time through a variety of practices. Materials are ephemeral, they expand, fluctuate, and resist rigidity. Assembled into installations, photographs, sculptures, and videos they can blur the boundaries between material, body, and mind.

Disintegration and reassembly is a cornerstone of my work, breaking down culture, environment, and material into connective tissues that form the self, and in doing so, questioning notions of “self.”